I am on those people who collect the same but no the same thing of a certain item or theme. Me, I collect all books pertaining to Jane Austen. I mean, I have other books, but I cannot pass up to add another version of Pride and Prejudice to my ever growing collection. So here are a couple of things, I don’t have but would like. And maybe there is someone one your Christmas list who like me, collects everything Jane Austen:

Jane Austen Flask on etsy.com ($16.96)

Pride & Prejudice Reusable Bag on Zazzle.com ($8.95)

What Would Jane Do? on thinkgeek.com ($9.99)

Jane Austen Sweatshirt on Etsy.com ($36.00)

I know this a short post, but I’ve a bit behind on things and I keep getting distracted with loads of issues. But I’ll keep going. Might take a bit longer to finish these series, but I’m going to try. Til tomorrow!


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