My mother is the gardener in the family. I plan on getting hers something for her garden or a plant, but I don’t know which one to get her. There are so many cool options out there. Here’s a couple I am keeping in mind and though ya’ll might also want to consider for your green thumb.

3 Pot Solar Hydro Planter, Weathered Gray


Solar Hydro Planter // If I had more money, I would definitely buy this one: 3 Pot Solar Hydro Planter ($218.00) on Houzz. It’s a self-sustaining system that would totally help my mom with her seedlings. It would sit perfectly on her kitchen window landing!

Avocado Tree Starter Kit // She’s tried before, unsuccessfully, to grow on from a seed. This Avocado Tree Starter might just be the thing she need to succeed. It come in a set of 3, so she can even try several seed at a time. Find this on on Uncommon Goods ($20.00).

Urban Jungle: Living And Styling With Plants By Igor Josifovic & Judith‎ de Graaff // (, $23.79 Hardcover) Mom’s not much of a reader, but I think this one might just get her interested.

So far that’s all I’ve got. What do you think?



Top Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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