Wow…That was a massive blogging fail. I really have no excuse to why I hadn’t blogged at all this last weekend. I really didn’t do much on Thanksgiving Day and didn’t buy much for myself on Black Friday. SO not much of a haul to present. Just a black skirt and earrings.

Thanksgiving Day was pretty chill for me. Just sat around in my onesie and watched YouTube eating turkey and mashed potatoes. Since its was a cozy day / night in, I had tea instead of coffee. So for those who have a tea lover on your list, here are a couple options for you to get them.

Tea Set or Matcha Set // probably one of the best kind of tea gift is the ability to try all sorts of different teas and flavors. My BFF is a tea lover (like me) and I try to find tea sets that give her at least four different flavors to try. William Sonoma has this really lovely Fortnum & Mason Famous Assortment of Teas ($39.95).

Vintage Tea Cups // One of things I always see at TJ Maxx and at vintage shop and I never get are those really uber cute tea cups. I would like to get one, but I always convince myself that I really don’t need to buy one just yet. I think this Royal Albert Polka Dot Rose Tea Collection ($29.99) from Bed Bath & Beyond is just so sweet.

The Art & Craft Of Tea by Joseph Wesley Uhl // (, $16.99 Hardcover) If they are a real enthusiast and haven’t read this book yet, then you have to get this books for them. It has the history of tea, about the different types of teas and the process involved to bring tea back to life.

Speaking of tea, think I’m going to make one now before I proceed with my next post. My current favorite is Celestial Bengal Spice. What’s your favorite?



Top Photo by Sabri Tuzcu on Unsplash

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