It’s been so hot lately! After last weekend of cool weather, the PNW is now burning up in the upper 80’s for the last couple of days. So I been wearing mostly skirts, flowly dresses and shorts (which I can) everyday! Along with only sandals!

For the last couple of weeks, to keep my legs and feet looking pretty, I’ve been using Freeman Beauty #BAREFOOTbliss that I got free with a voucher coupon from Influenster! It’s fantastic! It’s so good, that I am now almost out, and must buy more.


Part of the Freeman Bare Foot Spa Collection products, the Moisturizing Massage Cream (you have  a choice of the cream or Exfoliating Polish) is a “dual action massage cream for mind & body balance.” It contain Olive Oil, Soybean Oil and Aloe Vera to help moisturize and “triple-botanical ReCapture Complex” to help eliminate toxins.



It has a fantastic smell and my horribly dry feet have been looking better since! And 2) it’s nice to massage it into my poor feet that I abuse from running all the time!

I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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