I love food and I love cooking, so my fridge is always stocked with food. I try to keep it healthy, though there has occasionally there has been some gluten-free brownies from the co-op and other treats. But only occasionally.

Fresh Fruit // Always keep some sort of fruit on hand. Typically I usually keep at least four apple in the fridge, but it’s starting to warm up again and now I keep a lot of chopped up pineapple, mango and papaya to snack on or have for breakfast.

Precooked Meat // To make things really easy for me, I make a huge batch of roasted chicken, cooked ground beef, and baked or grilled tofu to just plate quickly after cooking veggies. I find it very easy to cook my chicken in the crockpot on a medium setting. Quick, easy and moist chicken…every time.

Chopped Veggies // Along with making things easy for me, I try to keep a stock of chopped veggies like zucchini, onions, bell peppers, and such on hand. Right after getting the meat cooking on Sunday, I set aside about 20-30 minutes to just cut up my produce.

Frozen Veggies & Fruits // I also keep my fridge stocked with frozen vegetable for situation like running out of fresh vegetables. Frozen berries, bananas, and other fruit to make things like smoothie bowls and nicecream.

Cut Lemons // Since I started drinking lemon water right after i wake up, I found it much easier to make them if I have my lemons already cut into pieces.

Eggs & Egg Whites // A protein must! I like mixing one egg with about 150-200 grams of egg whites. Just enough fat for you diet with loads of protein. Also, a favorite dinner option. Don’t judge.

Spinach & Other Greens // I don’t really eat a lot of beef and while I do take a women’s multi-vitamin, I still do not get enough iron. One of the best ways I’ve learn is to eat tons a greens (and more beef… but whatever). Spinach is really easy and cheap. And yummy. Pretty much goes well with everything.

Non-Dairy Milk // For the longest time I was drinking almond milk, but the last couple of months I’ve been using cashew milk instead. Both are uber good, but I like the taste of the cashew milk and it’s a bit more creamier than the almond kind.

Currently my most favorite food to make is nicecream. I guess it’s cause it’s been over 80 degrees here the last week that all I want is something cold and yummy. Also, super easy recipe: two frozen bananas, one serving of peanut powder, three packets of stevia, and some cashew milk. Everything but the milk into a food processor and blend pouring in the milk until ice cream consistency. Best thing ever.

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