Finally got my Nike+ Fuelband the other day while on a trip down to Seattle. I probably would have waited a little longer to get it, but after standing in line at H&M (which was right across the street) for over 10 minutes, I decided that getting two new sweaters was not worth waiting any longer. The thing is, none of the lines had moved an inch…

…when Holly and I got in line. So to make to make up for that, we headed over to the Nike store to check out running gear.

Of course have debating it, I went ahead and purchased it. So far, I like it. Yesterday I went with my typical day and by the time I finished my morning workout I had already hit 1000. At the end of the day, a bit over 4000. So I have changed my goal.

Now I’m aiming for 4500. At little motivation to up my current fitness and help reach my goal of losing this belly. I mean it doesn’t show when I where clothes, but I really want some abs like Gwen Stefani. We’ll see after this week if I should increase it a bit more.

I was a little worried about it being a bit annoying on my arm, but then I remember I wear bracelets all the time. And most of the time I barely notice it. I really like having some goal to aim for since I spend lots of time at my desk at work. Totally motivates me to work harder and longer on my workouts.

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  1. Yay! Welcome to the world of Nike Fuel đŸ™‚ Really looking forward to reading how you get on with your band, this is my 3rd week and so far I love it!

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