Gatsby-inspired looks from Warehouse & OasisColor By Amber and Fine Featherheads

1. Warehouse Border Lace Prom Dress, $116.00

2. Warehouse Embellished Bodice Dress, $231.00

3. Warehouse Chiffon and Leather Dress, $249.00

4. Oasis Jeweled Clutch, $72.00

5. Fine Featherheads Feather Charms, $24.95

6. Color By Amber Pewter Cuff, $24.95

7. Color By Amber Gold Sequin Skinnies, $9.95/bracelet

8. Color By Amber Collar Necklaces, $29.95/each

I’m in love with the Embellish Bodice Dress and the Collar Necklaces! LUVS!!

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