Probably the hardest people to shop for are my BFFs (and my Dad, but he usually says socks. 😐 ). What makes them super hard is that I don’t see them as often as I used to and since two of them are married, I don’t know what the husbands are getting them… And I’ve got to keep it under 50 bucks! HARD, right?!

1. Fresh Seaberry Exfoliating Soap • $16.50
I love the smell and it so nice on my skin after a hard workout! My girls will become addicted to this stuff!

2. GIGI Zip Wallet • $49.00
Come on, it has polka-dots. Who doesn’t love that??!!

3. Queen of Hearts Charm Necklace (Alice by Temperley Design Collaboration) • $44

4. Creature Cup – Octopus • $14.99
This is just hilarious and cute. It’ll put a smile on their faces and probably scare the crap out of their co-workers!

5. Modern Glass Water Bottle (16oz) • $17.99

6. Striped Knit Scarf • $20.00
What fashionable girl doesn’t need a scarf, well maybe except for the BFF in Hawaii…

7. Ram Ring • $48.00

8. Zara Basic Ankle Strap Heels • $49
If the FLOTUS can rock them, why not my girls, or even better, me! *HINT-HINT*

Now if only I can figure out what to get Dad that’s not socks… and that he doesn’t already own.

IFB Blogging Project #72

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