So, after a couple of month of going back and forth, I’ve decided make the transition from relaxed hair to natural, well sort of. ‘Cause I’m also of thinking of lightening my dark brown/almost black hair to a lighter brown or a reddish-brown color. Since I haven’t relaxed my hair for over year now, I think it’s a good time to start. I have been flat ironing it almost everyday. I would love to have hair like the girl in the sunglasses or the bottom right, but I’m hoping it at least can turn out like the middle bottom style since my hair is pretty short now.

I definitely plan on getting my hair lighten at my favorite salon down in Seattle, hopefully in July. My aim is to try to get it done before Amy’s Wedding. It will be a complete surprise for most of my friends since I’ve only discussed it with like four of them: BFF, Holly, my sister & Con-rad!

I need to do a little research on the transition, but does anyone have any tips on helping make this transition? Any products I should consider?

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