This weekend was for Dad, and as a gift for dad, both parental unit left me to my own devices (and Microsoft Office 2101 for Home and Business for Dad)! Which is excellent! Usually, its just dad leaving me to do my own “thang” and my mother harping on me to help her in “her” garden. Something I much rather not do…

I got a lot of workout done: kickboxing, 4+ mile run, a little weight-lifting. I cooked most of Sunday when they went off to Costco. Mom thought that they’ll be out for at least two hours. No, make that about four, which was nice. I got all of Father’s Day cooking done, put in another 40 minutes of workout in-between waiting and read a chapter or two. I even had enough time to do my nails! Don’t they look awesome! I took some inspiration from Refinery 29 post: 3 Rad Spring-Inspired Nail-Art Designs. The only change I did was the line the edges in silver, it hides the fact that edges weren’t straight.

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