I’ve been meaning to write about this personal issue for a while now, but couldn’t either find the time or courage to do so until now. It wasn’t that I was ashamed of the way my former self look, but rather why I made such a change in my lifestyle. You see the reason why I started working-out was due to pure boredom. Yup, I know, boredom.

You see, about two years ago I started a my job with the newspaper in my hometown. It’s a small town with about 2,000 residents and not much entertainment or many stores. Along with that, I moved in with my parents to not only help them out with the property and their small Asian store, but also to save money. Mind you, it being a small town and the house being more than 6 acres of land outside of the main part of the village, they didn’t have cable or internet connection at that time.

So I had to find other ways to keep me busy and entertained. I could only do so much with my computer and the antenna only picked up about 4 good channels. I did other things: reading, drawing, baking, etc. Anything to work the boredom away. One day I walked by the spare bedroom that my parents had turned into a home gym/extra closet space and saw the unused, dusty old treadmill. I decided to see if it worked and since I wasn’t really doing anything, started walking. And then I walked the next day after work, and the next. I started upping the pace and walking turned into jogging, that then turned into running.

Before I started walking, I really wasn’t paying attention to what I was eating. Home cooked Filipino meals was always available since my mom’s sells it in her store. But somehow after I started walking/jogging I started reading up on what to eat. I found that one of the best thing I found to help me with my diet was reading on living a healthy lifestyle. I always go online to read FitSugar.com They have tons of great advice and short but effective workout videos. I also now subscribe to Fitness and Self magazine.

One of best thing about having an iPhone: the apps. They have tons of fitness apps to use. When I started watching what I was eating and wanted to make sure I was getting enough calories with my exercise I turned to use Lose It! I really help me. Now I use several other apps like Nike+GPS and Nike+ Training. I recently downloaded MapMyRUN+ since I’m starting to run outside (the weather is getting better).

Right before I chopped off my hair last winter! Wow, that was long!

So after almost a year (July to exact), I went from 190 lbs to 135 lbs. I run almost everyday (I try for at the most six days a week) and try to run at least two miles if not more. At the moment I’m training to run half-marathon, so I’ve been putting in a lot more miles and a lot more cross-training, but I always take one day break from that to let my body rest.

There’s more clothing in my closet and I have a section dedicated to just my workout gear. I keep getting more training DVDs, buying workout clothes and checking out the next best thing for running.

So Happy National Running Day! I run because it’s an obsession.

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5 Replies to “Happy National Running Day and how I became an Obsessive Runner

  1. Stumbled on this post via IFB…way to go! I’m always encouraged to hear of others’ success in running in fitness. I have my first 5K this month, and you’ve given me that extra boost.

    1. Thanks so much! It took me a long time to finally get to this point but I love it! I now always look forward to my runs! And at first I didn’t think I would be able to run a full 5K, but after you get done, you are going to looking forward to signing up for your next one, and the next one… GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN!!!

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