So I haven’t posted a thing in months… Life and my motivation pretty much got in the way to writing up blog posts and now that my computer is completely dead (it is over 7 years old) I thought it would be much harder to get back into it. I am more active on my Instagram account (check it out here) Somehow I found some sort of drive to get back to posting. It will probably be sporadic and slow to start, but hopefully I will return to be posting at least twice a week. That’s my goal. Since I no longer have a working computer, I’m going to be using my phone and Kindle to do a lot of the work. I mean, I already use my phone to take pictures. However using the them to write posts will be a new challenge.

So let’s catch up. Really, though, nothing of major significance has happened. Work has steadily increased with the addition of more books in more areas and moving to a smaller office. Currently we are producing about a book a week and churning out ads like there is no tomorrow. We moved one town over, which is not far. Another 5 minutes drive from home. The building is older, but the rent is cheaper.

Family is doing fine. We are continually adjusting to Dad’s dementia. It is a ever changing lifestyle and my mother has finally come to term that it is a disease that cannot be cured (…not at the moment at least). Calls from her about my father’s behavior are less frequent as she is now taking advice on how to handle them. My niece is growing up fast. She’s starting to talk a lot. Most of the words don’t make much sense, but she definitely has something to complain about.


I finally got a new car. It’s been in the works for quite a while now, this is past winter the Kia gave it’s final bow and I’ve welcome a used but “new-to-me” Chevy Equinox. It’s white so I’ve named him Ghost (GoT reference). It’s my first major adult purchase. Next, replacing my laptop.

As for my fitness the last couple of months, things are fine. I started the new year with several goals. One: run a new half-marathon this year. I signed up for The Portland Run of the Roses in April. Currently using my Nike+ Running App Coach to train for it this year and it’s going quite well. We’ll see in the coming months though. Goal #2: With the potential Las Vegas trip to celebrate my friends’ 10 year anniversary, I would love to reach my goal weight of 120lb (for my height) this year. That’s my biggest struggle since it seem like my body really likes food and being around 145lbs. Just want those 20lbs gone and a bit flatter tummy would be great.

I think that’s pretty much it. As quotes by Jane Austen, “Life seems but a quick succession of busy nothings.” Til next time, bye!

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