If you need some extra help in keeping your skin healthy on top of your regular routine – mud masks are one of the best resources in this case. Mud masks are cheap, efficient and easy to apply. They especially work on oil skin like mine.

The minerals in mud are highly effective for oil absorption and for toning the skin and are often used to detoxify and as an anti-inflammatory agent for skin disorders. When you are getting ready to apply the mud mask, make sure that your skin is clean. Cover up as much of the face and neck as you wish and then relax and let the mask dry ( I usually start a movie or tv show). Finish the treatment with your evening moisturizer if you like.

Benefits of Mud Mask:
Reduces signs of aging • Improves circulation • Helps clear acne
Helps clear dandruff and other scalp conditions


2. Freeman Facial Clay Mask – Avacado & Oatmeal

3. Yes To Yes To Carrots Nourishing Softening Facial Mask

4. Ahava Energizing Body Mud Mask – Mandarin Cedarwood

5. H2O+ Sea Mineral Mud Mask

No matter what your skin routine is, using a mud mask at least once in a week will help restore your skin and give your face silky smooth touch. I usually use Freeman’s brand, ’cause its cheap and I can easliy get it at the local drug store. But when I head into Seattle, I try to get either the Nars or H20+. Its a fun way do a ‘Spa Night’ in!

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