I finally made a new jewelry holder and purged a whole bunch of earrings, necklaces, etc. that I don’t need or haven’t worn in years. Trying to clean my closet from things that should be in there other than clothes and shoes.

This is how I was originally storing my jewelry other than my earrings:


yeah, jumbled mess on both sides. So to make this, your going to need a hot glue gun (and glue, almost thought I had ran out, but found some in my mom’s stash), old/new picture frame, lace of some sort, scissors, hammer and tacks.




I glued my lace to the frame (and to my fingers for a moment), but I also think, if the frame is thick enough and you have a heavy duty stapler, you can just staple the lace to the frame. Probably easier and quicker.


Afterward, I hammered in some heavy duty tacks. I decided after hanging it up the first time, it needed to have two more.


Looking good, except for the messy makeup counter.


There we go, much better!

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