Got my second Little Black Bag purchase today! I spent a couple day of trading with other members for something better, but stuck with my first choice: BCBGeneration Natural Leopard Clutch (Reg. $68). I orginally got some plain earrings and a wine holder along with it, but kept trading them with others till I got items I like, and would actually use!

The Old Style Bicycle necklace was larger then I originally thought, but cool none the less. Its going to fun to wear this to work on Monday!

I kept trading till I finally go this ring: Gold Squirrel Ring. You know I love my rings! This one is going to go well with my rabbit and fox stacking rings!

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5 Replies to “LBB: Leopard Clutch & ZAD Jewelry

        1. No, they actually got tons of other accessories like jewelry, watches and such. They just added home accessories and stuff for your iphone or ipad. Oh, and they’ve got makeup too. They have tons of choices to choose from, so I always look for something I really want and love!

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