Hi. It’s been a long time. And I don’t know if I’ll get back into posting right away, but I’m going to start. However lets do a bit of a life update since a couple things have happen since I last posted.

One) That half-marathon I was training for down in Portland ended up being a no go since I pinched a nerve in my back about two weeks before. I was really hoping to be healed by the time it was for the run, but my back was just starting to feel less painful when walking. I decided not to make the injury worse and forgo that marathon. Next year. I plan on running one next year, but for now, I’ve got the Dawg Dash coming up in October.

Two) My Father’s health declined and his death. This was probably the most major event of the last couple of months. I can’t remember if I had mention this (probably have) but my father was diagnosed with early on-set dementia around 2013/2014. But it was believed that it started at least a year or two earlier. Things got really back a couple of days after my birthday when he went on a kind of episode. I can’t think of a proper word to call it, but it was scary. My mother felt her life was in danger, scared and was calling me, crying for help. I literally had to call 911 for her. He was taken to the ER where he did calm down, but doctors felt that he need to be watch and his medications need to be changed/adjusted.

He then spend the next 5 months in two different hospitals in the geriatric department. He declined so raptly. They decided that it might be time for him to just be released back to my mother’s care since he started exhibiting the last stages. Not eating or drinking often. Not wanting to do anything but sit or stay in bed. Talking was more a of a mumble of words very quietly. He came home and after another visit to the local ER, the doctors told my mom that dad didn’t have much time left. My sister and I have been coming home every weekend since he came home. So we got to see him and tell him we love him before he left us near the end of August.

So to say the least, the last month was hectic. Busy with family, friends, life and work. I just couldn’t or felt like posting anything here. Basically if it meant that I needed to write something more than a couple of lines, I wasn’t too into it. So hopefully you all seen my Instagram posts. Its been where I’ve been posting quickly, mostly fitness pictures and food.

Things are changing, and I’ve got events and things I was write about (and possibly vlog about). So I’m going to slowly get back to posting here. Going to get back to my goals. Going to live life to the absolute fullest. Going to have fun. Going to explore more. It’s going to be good.

Peace, Jane*

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