Sorry for the lack of post the last week. Life and work just got in the way, but this weekend I’m trying to get quite of bit of blog posts ready to be up this week. And hopefully I will document my upcoming trip to Portland. I want to get a new digital camera, but trying to decided if it’s better to wait for Boxing Day (and Tax-Free shopping) in Portland with my sister or get one that I’ve been looking at up here that’s on sale.

Anyhow, went off topic. The week was a lot of prepping for my holiday with my sister and her family and making sure I’m caught up with my workload. I’ve also found myself just uber tired after work that I just couldn’t even do more than watch some vlogmas’ and eat dinner. So much that I’m just loathing tomorrow when I need to do a full cleaning of my apartment before I leave.

I did get myself to the gym every morning, but this morning was a bit of a struggle to be motivated. I was doing really well getting a good workout done all week. I always make it in early before the crowd, so that might be it. Since today I came to the gym late and lost motivation once it started getting crowded.  I was there for an hour, but I wasn’t able to do my typical full-body/plyometric workout I usually do on Saturdays. Oh, well. I’ll make up for it tomorrow.

Last night was the company Christmas party and I stayed late to help with cleanup. Two, I always just a little more tired after drinking wine. So there’s that. Kept to a nice portion dinner of half plate full of veggies (salad with vinaigrette & some broccoli dish), a small scoop of mashed potatoes and stripped steak. And I only ate half a slice of chocolate cake, since I was just way too full after my main meal! It was a really good night and I had lots of fun being with the being I love to be with!

Can’t wait for Wednesday. I leave for Portland and will be there through the weekend! So excited to see my sister, brother-in-law (and beat him at some board games… it’s going to happen) and my niece who is now walking and starting to talk! Wahhaa! So happy!

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