The other place we hit up at the mall was new. Lolli and Pops is this super cute candy shop located at the north end of the Alderwood Mall. They had tons of sweet treats from all around the world. When we walked in the first things we saw were the strawberry and matcha Kit-Kats from Japan. The only place I’ve seen these were at the Japanese grocery store in downtown Seattle.

I ended up find tons of Harry Potter candy and had to buy! I had the chocolate frog as my sweet treat for the day and it was good. But I was more excited to get the card inside: Professor Snape!!! Yay!

I also got the Jelly Beans: one in the Harry Potter package and the other Bean Boozled. The Harry Potter is for when H & I go visit my sister and the Bean Boozled was for the office. Which we have already tried. I got dog food. But I didn’t get it as bad as my boss’ husband: he got vomit. LOL.

I so plan on getting more of the Chocolate Frogs, because I’m a Potter-head. It’s happening!

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