Memorial Day BBQ
The weekend is almost here… well, okay, we’ve got another three days left of the workweek, but it’s near! And my three day weekend requires a lot of traveling: heading down to Portland to help with my sister’s move and to play, then back up to Seattle for my girl, Shelb’s and her husband’s Memorial Day/Housewarming BBQ Party. I’m so glad I was able to book a hotel near her place, so that I wouldn’t have to drive all the way back home to the island.
My main mission today, find a nice summer/spring dressy look for Shelb’s party. At lot of friends are going to be there, but also her parents (who I love) and her husband’s (whom I’ve only met once, at their wedding). So I need a outfit that’s modest (somewhat) but will still show off my rockin’ arms I’ve worked so hard on! I really love this maxi dress in the bright red, so festive and colorful and one of my favorite colors!
So, how’s your holiday weekend looking?
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