As you know, I’m obsessed with shopping for workout clothes. My little drawer that once only held a couple of sports bras, one track pants and a couple of t-shirts now is over filling with running capris and tank-tops along with more sport bras to last over two weeks! And this weekend, I brought more!

R29 Reserve has a great deal going on right now for Muse Activewear: “$50 Off The Sexy Workout Gear”. I really like everything they had but limited my self to just two items this time: Mesh Cropped Hoodie in White ($62.00) and Muse Racerback Hoodie in Teal ($56.00). They are going to be great for my outdoor runs once the weather get warmer again (currently it’s like early spring outside: cold and wet).

Then while I was down in Portland helping my sister and her boyfriend move, we stopped by Target. And then they proceed to leave me in the workout gear section… more socks and shirts to add to the drawer.

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