I’m not calling them resolutions, but goals. It just sound better.

1. Run more often and longer

I’ve check my Nike+ stats, and in the last year I’ve ran a total of 289 workouts/594.26 miles.  Which is great if you know that I just started running in August of 2010 (lost over 55 lbs because of it and an excellent diet). I just finally reach the blue level just the other night, but to reach level purple, I’ve got 926 miles to go. To help, I’m creating small running goals every month. Like last January, I ran about 50 miles. This January, I setting a small goal of running 60 miles.

2. Blog more often and stay focus

Actually December was a great start for me. I didn’t blog everyday, but it was not scattered with a post every couple of weeks. What’s starting to help a lot is keeping a list of post ideas on my iPhone Reminder List and using Google Docs with my scattered writing. Even writing down notes and ideas on scrap paper and stuffing in my bag is helping. Especially when I clean it out!

3. Buy a new laptop

Well not so much as a goal, but a reminder. The parental-unit is going to help pay for half of it as part of my birthday gift in March. I’ve already decided on a MacBook Pro 13 Inch with 2.8GHz dual-core Intel Core i7 processor (http://www.apple.com/macbookpro/specs-13inch.html).

4. Go someplace I’ve never been before

I love to travel, but its hard when I’ve got tons of friends scattered everywhere (I been before) and they all want me to come visit. I really think they should randomly moved to a new state or city (that I’ve never been before) so that I can do both. But they’ve all given me that “that’s a ridiculous idea” stare.

5. Buy a new, high quality camera and learn how to take better pictures of myself.

Maybe take some photography classes. It’s been a long, long time since I’ve taken one.

6. With the whole camera thing above, take more pictures of styles & inspirations.

Me, my friend, random people I see on the street, etc. Keep finding inspirations!

and as always…

7. Be more fashionable.

So, what are you goals for the new year?

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