The last couple of weeks I’ve changed up not only my eating habits (doing an intermitted fasting) but also my workout schedule routine. When I started doing more strength raining and lifting, I started also cutting back from cardio. Now that I’m more comfortable lifting, I’ve slowly adding back more running and using the stair-mill occasionally.

My current routine:

  • Monday: Legs Day with a 20 minutes cardio warmup
  • Tuesday: Chest & Abs / 40 minutes steady state cardio
  • Wednesday: Back & Glutes / 30 minutes HIIT Run
  • Thursday: Shoulder & Abs / 40 minutes steady state cardio
  • Friday: Leg Day with 20 minute cardio warmup
  • Saturday: Arms / 30-45 minutes cardio
  • Sunday: 45-60 minutes Low Intensity Cardio

So far it’s been really good with my diet. Typically I take a full day of rest doing really nothing but grocery shopping, watching YouTube videos and basically vegging out on the couch. Adding some low intensity cardio will not only get me moving but also get me out of the house on Sunday.

I’ve also been keeping track of my workouts, so hopefully I’ll post a couple of routines soon!

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