While spending the long 6-hour train ride with no book (I finished the one and only book I brought with me on the ride down) to distract me, I got to thinking about the new year and the things I would love to accomplish. One of them I’ve already started to prepare by actually signing up with an online trainer to help with my fitness and body¬†goals.

2) I want to organize my book and figurine collection. Also need to cleanout my second closet of misceaniouse stuff. I have lots of little random things that just need to either be tossed out or sent off to the thrift store. Again, I’ve already started doing some cleaning of files and I’ve already planned on on getting another bookshelf for my figurine collection and manga books (sorry, no sorry that I’m a geek).

3) I need to put more time aside to read more. I have a huge stack of books (that keeps growing) that I really want to read. I finally finished one book on the train ride down to Portland for Christmas with my sister, but still have so much more. I really need to make myself read more before bed.

4) Travel again. A couple of years back I did more traveling and I really need to get back to it. The first place I need to go: Hawaii. Haven’t been to see the BFF and her husband in years, and they have a new addition of a
baby girl that I have yet to meet! I have to go!

… and my last plan is to really start designing products/card and start selling them. Which means I need to actually purchase the design programs I need. I think I’m going to start out small, some holiday cards, everyday cards and other little things.

There are lot of other little things I plan on accomplishing this year but these are my major ones I want to do. What are you all planning on accomplishing in 2016?

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