Finally have a bit of time for posting this week. It’s been super crazy now that the our publication general manager assigned me a major project. But I love it, ’cause it just means I’m busy working doing what I love!

This week was the start of my half-marathon training and it’s going well. Very easy week compared to my usual running schedule but it’s my first half, so I really want to prepare! Helping me are a couple new workout clothes. I know, I know. More clothes. And more workout clothes. I’m loving my new capris from Ellie. These are from their Coral Crush Collection: To Dye For Capri. I made a very wise decision to go smaller, ’cause they fit to the t!


From last month I got two black tanks: Back in Black Tank & Pitch Perfect Keyhole Tank. They are such great fits that along with the capri, I ordered the Wicked Attraction Tank from their Coral Crush Collection this month. Last buy not least is my new favorite sports bra. Not from Ellie, but completely obsessed with them. C9 by Champion® from Target. Love them!!

Visit here to try Ellie!

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