Ohhh, packing fun.

Packing is always so troublesome, especially for long trips that require flying. Since I have already been to Hawaii before, I’ve learned a lot of what I need to pack and what not to. So this time time around instead of packing my favorite pieces randomly, I spent Saturday afternoon organizing my suitcase.
Starting with my carry-on. The point of my carry-on was to make it easy of me to grab and go the following morning after my arrival for another plane ride to Maui. I had originally thought of packing my glasses in my suitcase, but thought it be better to have it in my carry-on instead. So my carry-on contains:
  1. one skirt
  2. one comfy bottom (Stylemint Tribeca Pants)
  3. One wrap
  4. two swimsuits
  5. Two shorts
  6. three tank-tops
  7. three pairs of bras & underwear
  8. one dress
  9. extra pair of sandels
  10. clutch (Pale Grey Mini MAC by Rebecca Minkoff)
  11. makeup bag (Michael Kors For Estee Lauder)
  12. liquids bag
  13. DS Gameboy
My Carry-On/Weekend Bag
After fretting over that, I got started on the check-in suitcase! I had to use a bigger suitcase then I originally anticipated. E and C ordered some prints and instead of paying the high shipping to have it delivered to Hawaii, they sent it to me to bring when I came down. In addition to the carry-on, I added a couple more tank-tops, leggings & shorts, a pull over sweater, and another cotton dress for my basics.
My Accessories. Some are being worn after going through security…
I decided to pack in one nice dress (same one I wore to Amy’s wedding) and heels just in case we go out to dinner, another swimsuit and the rest of my accessories that I won’t use until then. Finally done! As you can see I still have quite of bit space left, so much that when I stood it up and had to tossed in an extra spare contact case in the bag, everything (even after locking the strap in, shifted down. 😐
Oh well, it just means I have more space for souveiners.
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