It’s party season and I’ve got tons of invites in my inbox! Several are even on the same day! But with party season, it also means buying new dresses to wear! Two week ago I brought this dress from H&M. I’m completely lovin’ the way it fits my body and the sparkles are fabulous! However my latest dilemma is its getting really cold here on the island, and as you can see, it shows quite a bit of skin. This weekend I’m heading down to Seattle for one last day of gift shopping, and getting some additional accessories for the dress. But while I know I want sheer black tights, some shiny gold and silver earring/bracelets, I still can’t decide: blazer or sweater? Crop or long? black or white? I’m going to be wandering the isles of the mall for a real long time till I find something I like.

And maybe another dress or two.

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