So my sister’s getting married next year. At the moment its super hush-hush, cause she hasn’t actually got the ring. As she calls it, they are “officially-unoffically engaged.” I love but she’s a dork.

Since they really have to do this with a very limited budge, I’ve been designated as her wedding planner. (Oh, party planning, love it!) So far she doesn’t know what she really wants except for the colors: peacock feathers (royal blue, majestic purple, dark green) and gold.

So, as a start, I’m pulling up photos for inspiration to help her decided on it more. I’ve also starting asking a bunch of friends who do a lot of side jobs like my friend Shelb: floral arrangements!

I really want her to have peacock feather hair accessories for her bridesmaids (which I don’t have to be one since I get to be the wedding planner, woo-hoo!) How cute would this be!

Can you tell that I’m a little excited about this?

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