Since I wasn’t trying to spend too much money the last couple of months I only purchase a couple of things. Just the things I really need. Well, with the exception of the nail polish… But I don’t have those colors!

The NYX Le Chick Flick Water-proof Mascara and Micro Brow Pencil I bought mid-July when I went to visit my sister. Portland…tax free. Love it and love these guys. The mascara is my current favorite right now and works wonder when I go to the gym. It’s the only type of makeup I wear to the gym. If I don’t, I look weird.

I’m almost finished my L’Oreal Lumi Foundation so I decided to go back to Maybelline Fit Me Foundation. This time however, I’m trying to Matte+Poreless Foundation in the shade 330 Toffee Caramel. I’ve used the original formula and love it, so I hoping this one works out as well. I liked the Lumi foundation but I always feel that I start to look too shiny after a few hours.

My only lip stuff I grab while getting batteries at the Dollar Store. Weirdly, I also went to Fred Meyer’s afterward and they had the same lip color, but in two different prices. It’s a new lip gloss stain from Milani. I got the Milani Power Lip in 07 Mango Tango. It was 5.99 at Fred Meyer’s, but I got it for a buck at the Dollar Store. I kind of regret not getting the other shade they had but it was a little too pink for me.

And my last bits are the nail polish… to add to my massive collection. I need some new base coat and top coat. I kind of went cheap with the base coat with the Pure Ice Bottom Line, but saw this nail-aid Gel Xtreme Shine Top Coat. It’s suppose to last up to 14 days, but I often start seeing cracks in my nail polish but day four. It was quite a disappointment. I was hoping it lasted longer. When I bought the Maybelline foundation, there was a coupon deal for buy one, get one half off. Since I was already getting the foundation, I thought why not get another polish. I got the Maybelline Color Show in the shade Wine and Forever. So going to paint my nails with that tonight. My last nail polish is an Essie. I just bought it ‘cause I like the color. 759 Too Too Hot.
My next matter is a better way to store my makeup. I currently have them in my bathroom and my nail polish in a large carrier, but the cabinet is uber tiny and it gets messy after a few days. Something for me to ponder about for now.

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