Recently hauled Hauls

When was the last time I made a haul post? Right before my Trip to Vegas right? Yeah.

Red, shorts, slay, vegas

I bought a couple of things while I was there. Mostly souvenirs for family, but I did buy these red shorts from H&M. I really wanted to go check out the H&M in Caesar’s Palace before I left, but I was so tired from walking around. I only came with one other pair and instantly regretted not bringing another. Had to buy one.

As for my own souvenirs, I got myself a Las Vegas Starbucks Mug and a pair of dices. ‘Cause why not. Rollin’! The rest of my money went toward food, drinks and fun activities. But mostly drinks. And we started early. Day drinking, though… never again.

But my greatest purchase (at least to me) recently had to been from my local library book sale. I found tons of books including several of my favorite manga: Naruto; another Jane Austen book to add to my collection; a classic I haven’t read for a long time (Crime & Punishment by Dostoevsky) and older books I had on my ‘to read’ list.




Since I have plans to start taking online classes at the beginning of the new year and several other side jobs I hope to be involved in, I brought myself a Happy Planner to help me stay organized but still be a little creative. I’m not like all those other planners with set monthly themes and whatnot. I do enjoy adding stickers here and there; and doodling things on sections.

What’s every one buying these days? Anything good?

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