So this weekend was fun and eventful, but now I’m so super tired. Since it was after all, St. Patrick’s Day weekend! My girl Holly registered me to run a 5K up in Bellingham in the “Runnin’ O’ the Green.” Holly was suppose to run with me, but she over exerted herself and she now has shin splints.

Great news: new personal record! WHAT?!!


2 seconds from 5th place in my age group! For REAL!!

Afterward, we did a bit of shopping. I brought new running shoes. Again. Some books, come clothes, among other things. (More about that later)

Then Holly took me to Asian 1 for my early birthday dinner! YUM!!


Cocktails! I think Holly got a raspberry flavored martini and I got the blue Hawaiian.


Dinner for me was level 2 Green Curry with Chicken and Brown rice, and for it was the Asian 1 Honey Glazed Chicken Stir Fry. Super Good! We also split a California Roll. Luv sushi!


And as a treat we split a Tempura Fried Ice Cream with strawberries.  It was so good, and we were totally stuff afterwards. So after grabbing a couple of movies from her parents house, we settle in front of the TV and watch both the Life of Pi and Anna Karenina. Both super good movies.

So the weekend was fun and a great break from same weekend of house painting that I’ve been doing since last month. Now I’m ready for my two days off for my birthday this week and just handing around!

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