So this weekend I also finally tried the Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color I got with my Summer Influenster package (see post Here)!

“Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color: $9.99: NEW! Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color is summer’s hottest nail trend that allows you to create a gorgeous 1-D nail art effect in just seconds! This unique formula was specially developed with metallic particles – just hold the built-in magnet over wet polish to reveal a unique design on the nail.”

First Coat after base.

This stuff is so cool! And the color they sent me is just my taste!

This is just the start of my second coat. So, once you let the first coast dry, paint on the second coat and hold the magnet the is in the large cap over each nail you finish.

So I’m nearly done! So the thumb looks very plain while the other fingers have those great designs. I think the next time I do my nails with this stuff, I’m going to see if I can hold the magnet is a different direction and if that will give me a different look. I totally love this stuff! Made getting my nails done for the wedding easy and fun!

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