This weekend was great! Had an awesome, quiet Saturday all by myself. I got in a couple of workouts and a 2 mile run. Watch anime (I know, strange for a fashionista, but it’s my vice) all day, and got sucked into playing some Harry Potter Legos adventure on the Wii.

Then on Sunday, I took my mom down to Seattle for a pre-Birthday weekend. The women is a work-a-holic and never gets off the island. It’s been a awfully long time since she been to a salon, so I surprised her with an appointment at ULTA for their current special…Cut, Color, Style for $50.

Since there was only one stylist there on Sunday, I couldn’t get my hair cut at the same time. So that left me with about two hours to wander about the Northgate Mall. I went the usually places: the bookstore, DSW, etc. I stopped into Forever 21 to grab some new (and cheap) jeans. I ended up with only one pair of skinny jeans, new scarf, and a faux red leather skirt.

I really want to wear it this week, but it’s been too cold, and the old ladies in my office get too hot they have to open the window. I’m thinking of bringing my electric blanket to work…

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