Massive fail the last two weeks of trying to get at least one blog post a week up. But mind you I did have a small vacation in Las Vegas (yes, I was there when the shooting happen, but I wasn’t at the venue.) Then the weekend after I was just busy trying to catch up with everything I missed while on vacation. Had to get back to my normal routine.

Speaking of routine. I finally got myself a really good skincare routine that is helping tone the dark spots and even the color along with minimizing my pore. The deep pores along my cheek and nose bridge are hereditary from my Filipino mother’s side, though I think my dad may had some also. Another big skincare / face concern is dark spot. Since my skin is a mixtures of my mother’s slightly tanned Southeast Asian skin and my father’s dark African roots, dark spots tend to happen easily from pimples and scars. Because of these and some other concerns, I loosely follow the 8-step, 10-step Korean skincare routine. But with products that I can easily get and afford. Most of these products I got from TJ Maxx. They have an awesome skincare & beauty section. Even though I don’t buy too much makeup there, I do always leave with some new skincare product.

One thing I notice that made a lot of difference is two-step cleansing: first) removing makeup. I currently am using Super Facialist Vitamin C Brighten Cleansing Oil. At first I was a little afraid to use oil on my already oily skin, but it really does help to remove makeup off your skin. I like it, but not as much as I like using micellar water instead.  I then follow it up with a water-based cleansing wash like this Korean Snail Essential Cleansing Foam by Kwailnara. Any leftover dirt, makeup and oil will be taken off.

Next is a really good toner to help put back moisture that you took away when you washed you face. I gently wipe this one with a good cotton pad starting from my nose towards my hairline. I then continue on with a vitamin c serum and eye cream. Both help decrease the signs of aging and help brighten up dull skin.

After the serums and creams, the next product differs day to night. If it’s the morning, I put on sunscreen with at least an SPF 30. I think using sunscreen should be done all year around as it helps protect you skin from the UV rays. Essentially, help you keep it from aging and sunspots. At night I use a Derma E Skin Lighten Natural Fade & Age Spot Cream. Another great skin product to help brighten and even out the skin tone.

I do us a sheet mask about three time a week and I like to keep hoard of them! They are just the best to add back moisture and calm your skin after a long day. I used one every night before I went to bed when I was in Vegas, and I wasn’t going to be until two in the morning. I was that committed to my routine.

Like I said before, most of these product I found at TJ Maxx. I think the only ones I didn’t get there are the L’Oreal Sunscreen and the cleansing oil. And they were all under 10 bucks each. You really don’t need to spend too much money on good skincare products that works great for your skin. You just need to experiment for a while before the results are just what you are looking for!

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