Here’s a quick look at my new job! My first day  was the same day they were moving into their new building…

So we spent the whole day, unpacking and arranging the our desks into place. Turned out we need just a little bit more space, so last week, they move the partition walls back another two feet or so! Now we’ve got more space again. On the opposite (fixed) wall, D (my new boss) had them paint chalkboard paint all across it!


As you can see, we’ve been having fun with it!


And it’s constantly changing. Which is hilarious when you leave and the next morning there is a new piece in place! The guys must have gotten bored… LOL


And my desk area. I’m in the center of the room.


Luv my new job! and they keep us super busy and happy! There’s lots of laugher and always something nice to share and eat!

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