I’ve done a little shopping the last couple of months that don’t involve fitness clothes or accessories. My most expensive and most needed purchase my was iPhone 6S. I’ve finally upgraded my iPhone 5S since it was starting to actually open. Like legit, the faceplate of the phone was starting to lift from the body and I was scared I would accidentally drip water on it. I had wanted to wait until the 7 comes out, but it was time. And I’ve been loving it since. The camera is awesome. Picture quality is so good. and getting to my apps and whatnot is quick.

Another item I brought that was “necessary” is my London Fog Anise Style ToteIt has two huge zippered pockets on either side that don’t look like pockets and a huge middle section. I can carry everything I need in this bag and I love that it has a drop strap incase I was to carry it over my shoulder. I got it from the clearance section at TJ Maxx, so it was discounted down to about 30 bucks… I think. It’s been a while since I got it.

Keeping with the accessories category, I also got myself a new pair of mirrored sunglasses by Deb & Dave. I really wanted another pair other than the Forever21 I got last fall. They were very affordable and looks great on my face.

Despite the face that I have a hoard of face sheet masks at home already, I couldn’t convince myself not to grab these 3D BeauuGreen Essence Mask. They had several different kinds, but I choose to go with the Aloe because I knew I would be spending a lot more time outdoor this spring & summer. Lots of running is being planned and outdoor events to go to!

Then as a treat for the home and continuing my candle obsession, I brought this Moonlit Orchid candle by SIREN Fine Fragrances. I really like the musky/sweet smells and this is really up my alley. Its so nice to have burning while I working on posts or while relaxing after a good workout. So nice!

So that… I think are my only purchases the last couple of months that wasn’t food or fitness related. I did buy two new workout tops, but maybe I post them later. It’s just more workout clothes… Like I need anymore.

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