Finally got my Mystery Bag last weekend. AND WHAT A HAUL! I wasn’t expecting such a big box but that made it much more exciting to open. I had to open the small box first.

I got the Savannah T ($29.95) and the Floral Print Legging ($29.95)! I totally wore the leggings to work yesterday and of course totally forgot to get a good picture. There’s a huge mirror outside our new office location, but the lighting is crap.  Makes it hard to get a good clear shot, but I did try. Next up, the bigger box!

Whoa, the Tribeca Pant ($59.98)! Perfect for a simple shopping trip or hanging out with friends! These are totally going in my suitcase along with the leggings.

…funny, I had plans on ordering some new pants/leggings this weekend. Now I don’t have to.




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4 Replies to “StyleMint Summer Mystery Bag

    1. They fit great and super comfy! I’m a medium, running somewhere between 7 to 9 (depending on where I shop), and these are what they call a size ‘2’. Hopefully that helps.

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