Part of my packing require me to get my beach bag & carry-on ready before I leave since the morning after I arrive on Oahu (and I arrive late at night), E and I hop on a smaller plane to Maui. I really like packing thought last year I did pack more than I should have, but this year I have a plan. And made myself do some packing research. I’ve already packed some of my items that I know I won’t use til I arrive like my beach towel. And E’s prints that she ordered online and had shipped to my house. It’s much cheaper to have it shipped to me since I’m already heading over there. I’ve got get ready! So here are my beach bag essential:


This is one my favorite sunblocks, Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration. Last year I brought their other lotion that shimmered.

Lip balm

I have fresh Sugar Rose Lip Balm (it also has an SPF 15) over from my birthday gift from Sephora! I love the texture and it smells great too!


I’ve ordered these off of eBay, so I’m hoping that they come before I leave. Cross your fingers!

Beach Towel

Swimsuit and Cover-up Sundress

I’ve pack three swimsuit tops and four bottoms. That way I can interchange the bottoms if I need to let one get washed! I’ve already packed my favorite high-low sundress I got from JCPenney in June!

Water-bottle & Water • Healthy Snacks • Book or Magazine • Sunhat





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