Spring FabFitFun


Even though she had told me to be on the lookout for a special subscription box coming my way for my birthday, I was surprised to see a box at my front door yesterday. I had to text her right away to see if this was what she had sent over and it was! I’ve never gotten a FabFitFun box before, so I was quite excited!


There were so many goodies! Squeal with delight! Seriously. Included in the box for spring are:  Rifle Paper Co. Cities Coasters Set, Miracle Grow Gro-able See Pod (Came with a Sprout it App card),


Jules Smith Scarf in Watercolor, Cosmos Creations Premium Puffed Corn,



Orly Nail BB Créme and Nail Polish in ‘Cake Pop’, Palmetto Derma Collagen Booster Serum, OFRA cosmetics Brushs #11 (eyeshadow) and #20 (concealer/corrector),



Yasi Metallic Flash Tattoos, Merrithew DVD set “Intense Body Blast (and a $25 Gift Card), Vow to Be Chic Gift Card, and a Hello Fresh Gift Card.

I have to say this is an awesome subscription box, well worth the price. I know that E got a discount for this purchase, but even, you are getting a lot. I’m really excited to try the beauty and nail products. I’ll have to wait a bit, since I just painted my nails, but I might start using the serum as part my routine. I’m also going to try out Hello Fresh. I think it will be kind of fun to try a meal-kit.

What do you all like the best out of the spring 2015 box?


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Spring Nails


Currently obsessed with this nail color. So much so that I’ve had it on my nails for the last three weeks! It’s Rimmel London 60 Seconds Nail Polish in Sweet London. Great color for spring!

I also got myself some new rings yesterday at Walmart. They, the geometric rings, were on clearance along with the chain & leather wrap bracelet. Love them to bits too!


What’s your spring nail color this year?


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Loves, Life and… Video Games


The last couple of weekends I’ve been a bit busy. More overtime at work, hanging out with four redheads, and trying to get chores done.

::LIFE:: With the current workload, not much. Gym, work, lunch, more work, home, blog work, dinner. Pretty much how it has been going. I’ve been trying to get some me time, but it’s hard when you have so much that you want to do and work on. Sometime I just make myself go to one of the store nearby and check out makeup or nail polish. I usually only buy a little something, but that is usually enough.

::LOVES:: I spent a lot of time hanging out with my friend (H) kids. I call them my minions. It’s part of a running joke that I plan to take over the work with my horde of redheaded minions. And yes, all three have red hair. The Saturday before Easter when we went to pick them up from their dad’s I brought them some fun make you own treat from H-Mart and then we all had dinner at Red Robin’s. Then last Saturday, I took the youngest, Lukie, to play video games at Gamesworks. Basically, H and her middle child, Liv went to the ballet. It was Liv’s christmas present. And her eldest was at a sleepover, and the left Lukie. So we played video games until the ballet ended.

::VIDEO GAMES:: Which leads me back getting into gaming again. It’s actually been a while since I’ve participated in online video games. I was heavily invested in Evony until I moved home. And I just started again. This time with Stormfall: Age of War. Building homes, farming, feeding armies, attacking enemies and joining guilds. Yeah… I lead a very complex life.

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March Favorites


I’ve got a couple of March favorites. I had to think hard about these, but yeah, I’ve been going back to these guys a lot in March. Since I work out first thing in the morning, I’ve been needing some sort of pre-workout meal / snack and I think I saw either a blog post or video from viviannadoesmakeup about ‘Peanut Butter-stuffed Date’ as a good workout snack. I was having oatmeal, but I found it a bit heavy and I don’t think I was quickly digesting it before I head out. I really don’t have a favorite brand of date, but this is my favorite brand of peanut butter: Fred Meyer Brand Natural Creamy. It’s just peanuts and oil, and I have to keep it in the fridge. I’m really loving this quick meal with coffee on my drive to the gym.

Since the weather lately has been a bit bipolar here, my hair has bit too much volume for my taste. And since I use a flat iron on most days, I’ve been giving it beating. So after I wash my hair, I’ve been applying L’Oréal Sleek It Frizz Vanishing Cream before letting it air dry. Then when my roots are almost dry, I’ve been applying Gariner Sleek & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum to the body and ends of the hair. This combo is working great with my hair, plus using the Wen Cleansing Conditioner instead of soap and keeping washing my hair to only two-three times a week. It works for my hair!

My next fave is the Sephora Instant Nail and Cuticle Care. I didn’t think I was going to be using this very much, but since I’ve been doing my nails every week (and constantly washing them since there are people in the office passing colds around again), it has been a lifesaver of keeping my nail area from drying and cracking. I totally recommended it to a friend who cuticles were getting a bit out of control!

I’ve also been reaching for my Forever21 Blush and I’ve been using it so much that I no longer know the shade since it has rubbed off. So it’s a favorite along with my epicurean lip balm. I started reaching for that one again when the weather started getting cold again and I had to turn on the heater. Cracked lips are never good.

And for my fashion favorites, of course my new Wayfarer-dupe sunglasses from Amazon, but i also got a couple of tops from Old Navy that I’ve worn every week. I got a really soft grey sweater on clearance and a new white tank. The tank is a little different from all my other ones as it is a bit more relax and slouchy. Loving it!

And with that, I’m going leave you with my song that was on repeat, and still it, Pharrell Williams’ Happy. I just don’t know why, but it makes me want to dance. Maybe it’s the weather…

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbZSe6N_BXs]

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NARS Birthday Gift from Sephora


As you know, I’m not much of a lipstick girl, but I’m trying. Since I’ve never tried the NARS lip pencils, I am really excited that I got these two a couple of weeks ago as part of the Sephora Insider Program. And you can be proud, I’ve actually used them! Most the nude shade, Rikugien. It has a bit of satin finish and it has become my everyday / work day lip color. It’s such a great color on my lips. I really enjoy nude colors that have a bit of shine.

150408_NARSBdayGift_02The other shade is Cruella, a matte lip pencil. It’s a really deep red that really makes the lips pop. I’ve only worn it twice (when I went shopping in Seattle), but the color stays! I had to really rub hard to remove the color off my lips. It’s definitely a longer wearing shade than the nude.


Both have a good creamy texture that when on my lip smoothly! Cruella, since it is a matte lip color, definitely dried out my lips. The two time I wore it out, I made sure to keep one my more reddish gloss with me. Definitely helped with keeping my lips from cracking.

Overall, I’m really happy to get these goodies! It such shades to add to my ever-growing make-up collection, but I just know I’m going to use the Rikugien shade more and run out of it sooner!

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G-Mart and Sephora Haul


So after eating at Cho Dang Tofu, we went around G-Mart and I got some stuff. Unlike H-Mart, which is also in the same city, G-Mart had more of a mixture of Asian food. While at H-Mart a good 90% of the food they carry is Korean. But it does not matter to me since it’s the closest Asian grocery store this half-Asian has. Also, they carry lumpia wrapper which is very important!

So I got some Daifuku (Mochi) which is so good! Red bean is my favorite, but all the flavor are really good. I also got some seaweed to make soup with and seafood broth. It doesn’t look like a lot, but only use two or three little bit in hot water. They expand! I also got some buckwheat noodles to add a bit variety between zucchini noodles and some green tea since I completely ran out again.



We wandered the Bellevue Square Mall before dinner. I got some birthday cards and greeting card at Papersource. They have tons of little goodies and books. I found a “Selfie” photo album I think I might have to get Bella. She takes way too may pictures of herself and posts them on Instagram. She deserves that.

I went into Sephora just to grab one thing: my favorite day moisturizer, the acne-fighting mattifying Sephora Moisturizer. But as it was still the month of my birthday, I also got the BeautyInsider’s Birthday Gift: NARS Lip Sticks. I’ll be doing a post on them pretty soon.

We are heading again down south, this time to pickup the children. We might do a bit of shopping again. Definitely food. And maybe taking H to H-Mart since she’s never been.







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Nailed It // Black Out Doll


I’m on a roll this week. I did my nail twice which is two times more than usual. I got a little tired of chipping and fading of the nail polish I originally had on. Plus it really didn’t turn out the way I was thinking it to be. So I changed them. Especially since I ‘had’ to buy a new bottle of black nail polish.


Nail Polish & Gear I used: RGB in #0906 Doll, Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Extreme Wear in Black Out, Ciaté in Mineral Positivity, and Sally Hansen Triple Shine Top Coat.

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Vlogger Love


I don’t actually have traditional TV content provider. When I moved into my current place I forgo the cable or satellite and was watching anything on my computer with the cord hookup. Then Amazon came out with the it’s Fire TV Box and I no longer was tied to my computer. The best thing about it is that I can watch all my YouTube subscriptions and search for more without leaving my couch. Sometimes you gotta be a little lazy.

I have a lot of channels on my YouTube account that I try to keep up with. Though occasionally I do like doing a full YouTube marathon on the weekends or when I’m sick in bed. Here are my top 5 channels:

1. EatYouKimchi

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlezSiH_1KY]

I’m not sure when I started or how I found them, but I believe they are the first channel I subscribe to when I found out about subscribing to channels. I pretty much love all their different video from FAP!FAP! (eating/food videos) to their live chats. Simon and Martina of EYK are hilarious and quite informative about Korea and life there. I’m sure at least 98% of K-pop fans are also Nasties (EYK Fanclub Members… I’m a Red Nasty!).

2. annaleeandjesse

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BoB6cmZtliM]

Anna Lee is a hairstyliest (and Filipino!!) and Jesse is a photographer in LA. They do regular videos like hauls and turtorials, but I personally love their everyday vlogs as they go about their lives in LA. Plus they have super cute dogs! OMG!

3. FungBrosComedy

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLGCsFX_FzQ]

These guy are 1) from the Seattle & PNW area & 2) make some awesome videos about Asian life & food in America. And as a halfie (Half-Filipino, Half-Black), a lot of their videos hit home in a hilarious way and super informative about other Asian cultures.

4. AJ Odudu

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N72vEsKK7bw]

For those as obsessed with fitness & fashion, AJ Odudu is a vlogger based in London. She has some really great advice on eating healthy, cool workouts to try, and fashion style. During the January she filmed a “What I ate” every week. It gave me such good ideas for meals and snacks.

5. lily pebbles

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFdXdaqd_eM]

I feel like I was pretty late when I discovered her videos. I only recentley started watching Lily Pebbles videos last Decemeber and have been a follow ever since. I change what brand of foundation I use because of her. And I had been using the same one for years until recently. Let me tell you she is right. I’m pretty sure most beauty bloggers watcher and if you don’t I highly recommend you do. You will have some over the seas envy to some of the products they have and we don’t.

So those are my top five channels. I do watch other things, like documentaries and Game of Thrones… But I should really branch out. What are you all watching? Anything good that I should check out?

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What’s in my bag? Backpack Edition

150304_WhatinMyBag_01It being spring, I needed to clean out my bag. Especially since I couldn’t find my inhaler and I swore it was in there (turns out, in was in my gym bag). So I thought we’d have a quick look at my bag, or rather my backpack. Funny, I wasn’t too aware of what I had in my bag to begin with. Some, I was aware of, like my notebook. I carry this or my other notebook around all the time. To  take down notes, write out shopping lists (or any kind of list. I like making lists), or post ideas. It’s one of the first things I pull out of my bag.

Another thing I tend to keep handy are some tea bags and eating spoon. You don’t know when you are ever going to be in need of them! I don’t know how many times that spoon has saved me on road trips to Seattle.

Then I found my Forever 21 Lion Ring and Gorjana Parker Wrap Bracelet I received years ago. It’s one of my favorite bracelets.


Digging around the main compartment of my backpack I pulled out the essentials: my banged up wallet, facial tissues & first-aid mini kit. When ever I switch bags these guys have to come with. Look how awful my wallet looks. I really need to get a new one, but I’m so picky. I’ll just have to keep searching.

Then there are my office keys on a keychain I made. It’s really looking dirty, so I thing I have to make a new one. If I remember how. I try to keep a spare grocery bag just in case I forget to grab one on my way out of the house, but I always forget that it’s in there.

Then there are some gum and lunch-time vitamins. I have an alarm on my phone to remind me to take then while eating. It’s the only way I’ll remember. You should have seen how happy I was to find my USB stick. I thought I lost that weeks ago. It’s loaded with lots of post images and documents. Note the post-it with yet another book suggestion.


The last bits are the small thing in pockets in the front and side. My lip products and pens are usually stuff in the side pockets to be reachable for quick use. My charges are stuff in one of the front pockets along with the key rings full of membership card. I have way too many, but they do help with getting the best deal!

That’s pretty much it. Sort of pile of boring stuff but essential for everyday life.

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Feburary Favorites


To be honest I don’t really have a lot of favorites this month as I spent a lot of the month working overtime and then trying to recuperate from all that. One of the things that I’ve been doing during this stressful month was giving myself a home spa treatment. I love lying back on my bed after a nice hot shower and wearing the karuna Anti-Oxidant+ Face Mask. The smell is quite nice, not too overpowering, and it leaves my skin feeling moist and soft. I was using a creamy clay mask before, but this one doesn’t require washing it off. Just slip it on and wait 10-15 minutes and your done. This one is my last one, so I need to order more from Sephora.

Before slipping on the face mask on, I would light this candle from Alchemy Candles. I got it at Christmas from my sister’s in-laws when we went over there for dinner. I’m really picky about my candle’s scents so I was quite happy to find that I love this one: Satsuma Mandarin. It’s going to be sad when it’s gone, but I’ve got another candle I need to try from a co-worker.

My next favorite is a hair product. I’m really loving L’Oreal Sleek It Frizz Vanisher Cream. It’s really helping with keeping my hair frizz under control. The weather up here has been bipolar lately and my hair couldn’t seem to handle it well.

If you follow me on instagram, you might have notice my current obsession with acai bowls. So I am loving Sambazon Acai Smoothie Pack. For the longest time I could only find it at Haggen’s, but on Sunday I found it hidden in the vegetarian frozen aisle at Freddies. Super happy about that since its a bit cheaper there. I’ve been trying out different toppings to go with also. It’s so good!

And my last favorite is YouTubers: Anna Lee & Jesse, specifically their vlogs. I don’t know, I just love watching their daily/weekly vlogs.

That was basically it. I’m hoping for a much more relax month this time especially since it’s my birth month! I was planning on traveling for my birthday but if I want to go overseas in the winter then I have to set aside traveling stateside for a bit. I’m also working on a surprise.

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