Spring FabFitFun

Even though she had told me to be on the lookout for a special subscription box coming my way for my birthday, I was surprised to see a box at my front door yesterday. I had to text… Read More

Windowshill Herb

Spring has finally come despite some setback thanks to mother nature (it hailed on Camano the other night…). That means that spring flowers and gardens are starting to sprout up everywhere. When I was a teen, I had… Read More

Collar Me This

photo credit: Roxanne Milward via photopin cc My lastest fashion obession: collared shirts. Seems strange to to me since when I worked at a grocery store in east King County, I recall really disliking wearing them as part… Read More

K-Pop Runing Playlist

photo credit: emilyamimu via photopin cc I’m always changing my running playlist. My current one is full of K-Pop! Please follow and like us:

Happy Pi Day!

After the roller-coaster ride of the last couple of days at work and home, things have finally settle down and return back to the usual. And right on time for Pi Day! Please follow and like us:

Derek Lam for Kohl’s

First it was Prabal Gurung  and Target, now it’s Derek Lam and Kohl’s. WHAT??!! And his collection is just as equally fabulous! Please follow and like us:

Ready for Spring!

Ready for Spring and spring floral dresses! All we need now is for the weather to warm up! Madewell  Dionne Sleeveless Dress Please follow and like us:

Saturday Shorts

The weekend was great! I really needed a week like this for a while. I woke up super early on Saturday and despite the party sunny weather, I got in a 4.25 mile run! It was excellent and… Read More


Esty Finds: Spring Pastels

Things are finally starting to warm up here in the PNW, and the cherry blossoms are blooming! So here’s some spring pastels to get everyone in the mood. Pink Roses Necklace Alice blue cluster pendant with Pearl roses… Read More

Ready for Spring

Ready for Spring by jane2hina featuring flower jewelry Please follow and like us:

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