Spring FabFitFun


Even though she had told me to be on the lookout for a special subscription box coming my way for my birthday, I was surprised to see a box at my front door yesterday. I had to text her right away to see if this was what she had sent over and it was! I’ve never gotten a FabFitFun box before, so I was quite excited!


There were so many goodies! Squeal with delight! Seriously. Included in the box for spring are:  Rifle Paper Co. Cities Coasters Set, Miracle Grow Gro-able See Pod (Came with a Sprout it App card),


Jules Smith Scarf in Watercolor, Cosmos Creations Premium Puffed Corn,



Orly Nail BB Créme and Nail Polish in ‘Cake Pop’, Palmetto Derma Collagen Booster Serum, OFRA cosmetics Brushs #11 (eyeshadow) and #20 (concealer/corrector),



Yasi Metallic Flash Tattoos, Merrithew DVD set “Intense Body Blast (and a $25 Gift Card), Vow to Be Chic Gift Card, and a Hello Fresh Gift Card.

I have to say this is an awesome subscription box, well worth the price. I know that E got a discount for this purchase, but even, you are getting a lot. I’m really excited to try the beauty and nail products. I’ll have to wait a bit, since I just painted my nails, but I might start using the serum as part my routine. I’m also going to try out Hello Fresh. I think it will be kind of fun to try a meal-kit.

What do you all like the best out of the spring 2015 box?


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Windowshill Herb


Spring has finally come despite some setback thanks to mother nature (it hailed on Camano the other night…). That means that spring flowers and gardens are starting to sprout up everywhere. When I was a teen, I had a nice sectioned off area of my parents property that I grew flower and herbs. I tended that area every year getting it ready in the late winter for my seedling to planted in and used my own money to buy little plants and decor.

I still love planting, but I rather not have a huge yard or garden area. It takes quite a bit of time to tend large space for plants and I don’t want to make that kind of commitment only for the plants to die.

Growing plants in the window are great for small apartment dwellers like me who want to grow herbs and flowers. While last year I grew some basil and parsley that did very well, this year I decided to grow some thing different. I went to my local Fred Meyer’s and got three little plants: rosemary, peppermint and lavender. While I have grown rosemary and peppermint before, this will be a first with lavender. I had a wonderful rosemary plant when I lived with my parents, but my mother over water it and basically killed it. Seriously, I have check it more often.

These guys are going to be great for summer cooking and I can’t wait to try baking with lavender. Is anybody else excited about planting this spring?

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Collar Me This

photo credit: Roxanne Milward via photopin cc

My lastest fashion obession: collared shirts. Seems strange to to me since when I worked at a grocery store in east King County, I recall really disliking wearing them as part of our uniform. Well, white collared shirts. Now, I’ve collected quite a few and have been finding new ways to wear them

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K-Pop Runing Playlist

photo credit: emilyamimu via photopin cc

I’m always changing my running playlist. My current one is full of K-Pop!

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Happy Pi Day!


After the roller-coaster ride of the last couple of days at work and home, things have finally settle down and return back to the usual. And right on time for Pi Day!

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Derek Lam for Kohl’s


First it was Prabal Gurung  and Target, now it’s Derek Lam and Kohl’s. WHAT??!! And his collection is just as equally fabulous!

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Saturday Shorts

The weekend was great! I really needed a week like this for a while. I woke up super early on Saturday and despite the party sunny weather, I got in a 4.25 mile run! It was excellent and I think I’m starting to get addicted to running outdoors.

When I finally got back home, the sun was fully out and it was starting to warm up. I decided to needed to break out my shorts from last year, and much to my surprise most of them don’t fit anymore. These are the only one that wouldn’t fall down even with a slight tug. Which mean I’ve got to go short shopping next month….

Steve Madden Gladiator Wedges; L.E.I. Shorts; StyleMint Miller T; Earring handmade from my Auntie Alice

Sunday was just as good with the exception of no sun (but nice and warm) and having to make an early unwanted stop for my mother. Don’t have plans of every doing that again. I love going down to Seattle. I get to see my friends and do thing I want to do. I did a little shopping… mainly just playing around the city!

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Esty Finds: Spring Pastels

Things are finally starting to warm up here in the PNW, and the cherry blossoms are blooming! So here’s some spring pastels to get everyone in the mood.

Pink Roses Necklace

Alice blue cluster pendant with Pearl roses

Vintage 70s Crème Leather Clutch

Origami earrings crane sky blue

Sunflower felted wool silk scarf

Audrey Hepburn style peplum dress

Constance Necklace

Coral Beaded Bracelet

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