So my sister and her fiancee finally made it up to the island this past weekend, but not without an adventure near the ferry. Somehow the car broke down, and they had to get towed onto the island. Then the next day, their car was fine.

With along of finally seeing them after months, they also brought over the Christmas gifts they didn’t/couldn’t mail to us! My sister always gets me good stuff and this didn’t disappoint! First off, my new necklace!


Betsey Johnson Style Glamorous Sunglasses Heart necklace. I think she order these off of Ebay, like all her jewelry.


Makeup brushes!! In a carrying case holder! I so needed this!!

and lastly


Carolina Herrera NM + Target Stationery Set



It was one of the items I said I’d like to have from the collection if she could find it in Portland! JACKPOT!! RIGHT?!!

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