It’s nearing that time! Christmas shopping! While most people moan and groan about this, I’m look forward to shopping! This year, though, is going to be a little different. Unlike previous years, I now work full time and have to travel further to visit my favorite shops. I know, I could just visit the locals, but their taste really caters toward, how to put this lightly, the older generation.

One of online shops I’m totally hitting up this season (and a favorite of mine) is The Young Republic. They just put out their Christmas Collection/Shopping Guide, and they’ve got tons of stuff need to get for friends, family, and for yourself (or myself)! Several things caught my eye: Unicorn Rhodium Ring ($27) on page 24 and Revolver Bag by Eva Victoria ($467) on page 33 to name a few. And all of their dresses need to be in my closet!

Check out their full Collection: The Young Republic 2012 Christmas Collection

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