It’s been a while since I ordered anything from Sephora. Almost three months, but I had all the necessary beauty items I needed, until now! Which was great timing since it was also around my birthday when I ordered. Yay, birthday gift-y!

So this is my haul (just totally hear Lydia Bennet from the Lizzy Bennet Dairies in my head while typing that)!


Really needed a new face wash! This stuff is great, but definitely needs getting used to since is doesn’t foam as much as traditional cleansers do. Plus it’s warming. ooOOOOhhhhh!


Birthday goodies! I needed new mascara!



And the extras! Sorry the post is short, but I’ve started my half marathon training, and now got to get in 30+ minutes of cross-training. It’s going to be a hike or bike ride around the neighborhood.

But here’s a treat, My fave T.O.P.:

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