I wanted to make this post for a while, but I would always forget to take photos and such. And the last two weeks I didn’t actually need to go grocery shopping, but today, I do. I usually hit the grocery stores on Saturday morning right after the gym. I find it the best time to go since it’s pretty early, usually around 8 to 9-ish. I always hit up Safeway first since it is just down the street from my gym. Meat and my basic protein are cheaper here. Occasionally I might go to Walmart for some cheap foods, but it’s rare. My last store alway is Fred Meyer’s since it’s the closest to my apartment. I find the best gluten-free options and vegan cheese there at reasonable prices. I also get most of my fruit and veggies there since it cheaper like apples and bags of lettuce.


I made a quick stop first to the local Co-Op looking for some psyllium husk to help my digestive system. I heard and read that it helps a lot. If there is something unusual I’m looking for like nutritional yeast or spirulina that I know I can’t find at the regular grocery store, I’ll go to the MV Co-Op. It’s a really great local co-op focusing on mostly organic foods. I really like the kitchen and deli. Yummy food and great staff! I also found these individual Earth Balance peanut butter. Each pack is only about 190 calories. And I found some sprouted Corn tortillas and a couple of treats for a cheat meal on Sunday. I got Stir the Soul Raw Hemp Cups. They are pretty good, not quite sweet. More savory. And this Hail Merry Chocolate Almond Butter Tart. Yes, I bought it for my birthday. It’s gluten & dairy free!


The bulk of my groceries I got from Safeway. Typical stuff: chicken breast, ground beef (96%/4%), veggies (fresh & frozen), egg whites, fruit, etc. I’m really into zucchini at the moment, but I still had a tupperware full of them chopped, but I needed more to make zucchini pasta. So lovely. I have a hand vegetable spiral I got from TJ Maxx. The one thing that I don’t usually get: The Pressed Green Juice. I had a coupon for one free, so I decided to get one. Pretty good, but probably won’t buy it often as it’s original price is a pretty penny.


Last by not least, I got some bits from Fred Meyer’s. Bag of salad greens is much cheaper here than at Safeway and the bag of bell pepper was on sale! Score! They even have a good bulk section where I usually get things like peanuts & almonds, but this time around I just grab some goji berries. While I was there I also got stuff for my full day of eating, vegan style. Just some vegan jerky & a small pack Vega Protein powder.

All that food, plus what I already had should last me until next weekend. I really don’t bulk buy food that I wouldn’t eat right away. So usually I might have to go after work and get some food I might have ate all of like lettuce mix or eggs. Those again I can get at Fred Meyer’s since it cheaper to get there.

P.S. Does anybody know of a gluten-free, dairy-free, high protein bread? I can’t seem to find any… 

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