My weekday eats are usually the same day since I meal prep every Sunday for meals at work. Weekend, since I have more time to cook, my meals a bit more flexible. But no matter I always start my morning with water. My aim for the day is to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

Breakfast depends on how much time I’ve given myself before I want or need to be at the gym. This morning is the usual: one banana and a packet of Better Oats 100-Calorie Brown Sugar and Maple Oatmeal. I wait about an hour before I start my workout. During this time I’m getting ready, tying my hair, looking for my phone, etc before heading over to the gym.

If you want to see my workout for the day, check out my previous post here!

After my gym session and changing out of my sweaty clothes I take some time to sit, rest and refuel. I always keep a QuestBar in my bag. I also finish my BSN AMINOx in Green Apple. They are currently my favorites. I haven’t tried the Pumpkin (Pie) QuestBar yet, but I have heard mixed reviews so I might just go to GNC and get one bar to try.

Lunch time I was craving macaroni and cheese, but I wanted to make them a bit healthier so I added a good handful or two of spinach. I also had a green salad with two tablespoons of Bolthouse Yogurt Caesar Dressing.

Around 3-ish, I’m always hungry again but needs easy to munch on with one hand. I like to eat a serving of turkey pepperoni with one granny smith apple. They are portable and easy to snack on while I work on my computer.

Dinner Saturday night was a baked salmon, a serving of Alexia sweet potato fries and asparagus. The salmon is locally caught by the owner of the company I work for and he gave us tons that he had. I ended up grabbing one of the largest of the packets so I have salmon for at least 8 meals. No complaints about that. I love salmon.
While I typically I eat this healthy most of the time, it doesn’t mean I don’t occasionally nosh on pizza or full asian meal. I love food but as long as I stick to a 80/20 eating style, I will meet my fit life goals.


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