It was actually sunny yesterday. And warm. Sure, it only hit barley 58, but it was sunny. It was not quite as great as Sunday, but for the PNW it is better than rain.

I finished my 5K on Sunday in about 32 minutes. Totally beat my goal which was to beat my sister’s time of 39 minutes. 7 minutes different! YES! My girl Holly finished her in 41 minutes and she’s looking good. She wouldn’t let me take a picture of her yet, but believe me, she is going to be that really hot red-headed soccer mom all the teen boys….well you know! Her weight-loss program is totally different from I went through, but whatever works and helps!!

Grey Dress from Target; Short Sleeve Crochet Sweater (unknown brand), Old Style Bicycle by Zap; Open Toes Pleather Heels by Mossimo; Gold Seeded Beads Bracelet (Gift from Shelb)

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