Gym Bay ContentsThe gym bag. My most dedicated bag I have. I got my current bag ages ago at the stadium flea market in Hawaii. I had originally planned on using it as my weekend / carry-on bag, but alas, it has become my gym bag. And approximately 6 days a week it is with me to the gym, carrying all the necessities I need to make a workout great:

  1. Adidas Marathon 10 / these are my current gym shoes and I only use them at the gym. When I go for long outdoor runs, I use my Nike, but for the gym I use my adidas! I got these back in September, I think, when I visited my sister in Portland. She had a discount coupon at employee store (she nor her husband work there, but they do get coupons for special days). Since they weren’t on planning to use it and I needed some new shoes, she gave it to me to use.
  2. Water Bottle / Always need to have a water bottle with me at the gym. And I love the one I current carry around with be ‘cause it have measurement on the side so I know how much water I’ve been or need to drink!
  3. Yurbuds / Before I found Yurbuds, I was using the cheap “fitness” hook over the ear earbuds and I found that those were more annoying while running. Now my last three workout earbuds have been Yurbuds. I love them, and these guys are slightly better than my last pair. one) they have magnets at the ear piece so they “stick” together and two) they come with a bag to store them in. Some of other styles come with volume and speaker controls.
  4. Phone Armband / I actually got these at TJ Maxx. (Oh, BTW, my current Yurbuds are from Amazon, but I’ve gotten them before at TJ Maxx for half the cost! Hot tip!). I got it to replace the more expensive one I got at Fred Meyer’s that only lasted me three months.
  5. Makeup/Skincare/Shower Clutch / I bought this clear plastic makeup bag at Target and it stores: deodorant, dry shampoo, acne control moisturizer, small container of conditioner, some BB cream and some black eyeliner. Oh, and makeup remover towelettes.

So, what’s always in yours?

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