I work for a small newspaper in the Pacific Northwest and it settled in a small town. Dress is quite casual. Alright, very causal. But as the young adult I am, I don’t feel that I need to dress too casual even if I don’t speak to clients (as a graphic artist, we are always behind the scene). Even so, my work-wear wardrobe is never too stuffy.

These are my work-week wardrobe essentials:

1. Trench Coat – H&M
Don’t tell anyone, but I got this exact H&M coat for half-off just before Christmas. I use it everyday till it has to go in the wash!

2. Black/Grey Cheetah Sweater – DKNY
I always need some sort of sweater to keep me warm when the old ladies get too hot.

3.The Skinny in Charcoal Wash – Joe’s Jeans

4. Qupid Tabu-13 Boot

5. ‘Signature’ Concord Earrings – nashelle
Since I was a child, I’ve always worn earring. Yes, since I was a child. That’s what happens when your asian mother secretly pierces your ears as a newborn. Much to the horror of my father.

6. Teem Shoulder Bag – Aldo

7. Stack of Bracelets
I love, love my bracelets & I have tons. At the moment, I’ve been wearing the same few for the last month so eventually I change them around.

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